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Who Are You?

From the "Myers-Briggs Type Indicator" and "16 Personalities" to the fun quizzes telling us what colour or spirit animal we are, we all have an endless fascination with finding out more about who we are and what makes us tick.

Beautifully illustrated and put into everyday language, The Book of Personality Tests includes;

  • 25 classic and modern personality profiling models

  • brief introductions to the origin of each test

  • detailed analyses and interpretations of the results

  • a deeper understanding of what drives one based on his/her/their personality

  • a path to discovering core traits, about yourself, such as leadership style, management skills, emotional intelligence, money skills, love language and more!


The Book of Personality Tests provides a serious and lasting resource for individuals, couples, families, friends and colleagues alike. Go on a journey of self-discovery or to learn more about others!

Currently available in both English and Dutch, more languages being released soon.

Buy at all good bookstores. 



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